BZR Upsell is a product we initially built for brands that integrate with the BZR marketplace. Along with getting brands to drive traffic to their BZR storefront, Upsell is another tool to provide cross pollination in user traffic between similar brands to ultimately reduce marketing costs and increase conversion value.

Once installed on a brand's website, Upsell functions by displaying an additional, similar product to a user after they've completed a purchase. We were able to do this by utilizing the vast network of BZR brands and keeping the product UI flexible enough to easily accommodate unique branding for each brand. Within the product UI, we've built several features to cater to the brand's specific needs. For instance, if a brand has an optional survey for customers after they've completed a purchase, we are able to delay the Upsell until after a user has completed that step.

Since the initial rollout, we've made upsell available to ANY direct to consumer brand with a simple one-click integration through BZR Link – a major product improvement. The product functions on any native or third party e-commerce checkout.

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