five/four is product and brand design studio that I co-founded in 2017. Our team consisted of a content and marketing director, an engineer, and myself as the design director. We worked primarily with non-profits, startups, and advertising agencies to create brand strategies, build products and websites, and manage event production. There, I directed design from strategy conversations and prototyping and carried projects through development, user testing, and launch. Along with my design roles, I also managed all client relations, sales, and pitch meetings, and occasionally a small team of designers.

Our clients included Human Rights Foundation, AMC Networks, BBC America, and more.

When we started five/four, we wanted to create an innovative and cultural workplace. We leaned on inspiration from Dave Brubeck Quartet's ground-breaking album, "Time Out", when they broke the mold of using the traditional 4/4 time signature in jazz by introducing the attention-demanding 5/4 time signature. five/four was created with that spirit in mind.

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