Before Fondue, the refund process had been totally left behind. Fondue allows shoppers to choose how and when they get their refund. For merchants, the refund process stays exactly the same. Fondue makes refunds a pleasure, not a pain point.

Fondue launched in March 2022 and has 40+ merchants actively using the product including Steve Madden, Miracle Made, Stix Golf and others.

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Fondue was created when we discovered a large gap in the e-commerce shopping experience: why is it so annoying to get a refund for an online purchase? Every other step of the online shopping process has a tool that makes the experience easier for shoppers and merchants alike. From the first interaction to one click payment processing, fast shipping and easy returns. But what about refunds? No matter the reason a shopper is getting a refund, the only way to know the refund is on its way is a plain-text confirmation email that tells you “your refund will be delivered in 5-7 business days”. This is archaic technology for our fast-moving e-commerce economy.

The Goal:

Fondue had two main objectives. The first was to make the shopping experience better without disrupting or giving additional workload to the merchant. For the shopper, w accomplished this by introducing the refund selection experience. In our testing, we learned that shoppers were most pleased with the refund selection options and the transparency as to when their refund would be delivered. For the merchants, we had to build a product that did not disrupt their workflow. Our app is publicly available on all major ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce) and seamlessly replicates the existing refund process in each platform. Fondue changes nothing about the merchant's refund process.

The second objective is to help merchants retain customers that are requesting refunds. We did this by offering simple financial incentives to the shoppers, such as a refund in the form of a bonus gift card back to the original merchant, or cash back credit when a shopper chooses a prepaid Visa card refund. Higher customer retention is a huge win for merchants KPI.

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