The Human Rights Foundation was our largest client at five/four. This project began when we were asked to complete an organization-wide rebrand for them prior to their flagship event in 2019, the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Prior to starting design work, we completed an in-depth brand research project to determine where HRF fit in amongst other human rights organizations, what made their messaging strong, and how we could make them stand out. After the research was completed, we began designing a new brand identity for the organization based around three messaging pillars that defined them: bold, strong, human. Around this definition, we created both a comprehensive messaging strategy and a unified visual identity, which is what you can see here.

Once we had completed the brand identity, we were tasked with designing both a preliminary version of their website*, and began production and planning for all design aspects of the Oslo Freedom Forum.

At the Oslo Freedom Forum, we were responsible for all aspects of the stage design (presentations, messaging, experience, and visual components), navigation and print design both inside and outside the venue, as well as assisting with the online registration and event scheduling app.

We met some of the most inspiring people on the planet during our work with the Human Rights Foundation. This project has influenced much of my work since.

*Development and maintenance of the website was completed internally at the organization and was not part of our contribution to the project.

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